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Increasing tensile strength oxide ceramic matrix minicomposites twostep sintering
Oxide ceramics
Ultimate tensile strength
Matrix (mathematics)
Ceramic matrix composite

Increasing the tensile strength of oxide ceramic matrix minicomposites by twostep sintering

Kurosch Rezwan
Kamen Tushtev
Nov 19, 2021
Rapid synthesis CuO hollow spheres low temperature catalytic performance decomposition ammonium perchlorate
Materials science
Specific surface area

Rapid synthesis of CuO hollow spheres at low temperature and their catalytic performance for the decomposition of ammonium perchlorate

Huixiang Wang
Baoliang Lv
Nov 22, 2021
Cubic Quartic Residues Modulo Prime
Prime (order theory)

Cubic and Quartic Residues Modulo A Prime

Thomas P. Dence
Joseph B. Dence
Feb 01, 1995
Drought Influences Reproductive Timing Newt Taricha Congeners

Drought Influences Reproductive Timing in Two Newt Taricha Congeners

Jeffery T Wilcox
Oct 25, 2017
Annual tropicalrainforest productivity decades complex responses climatic factors storm damage
Climate change
Tropical rainforest

Annual tropicalrainforest productivity through two decades complex responses to climatic factors CO and storm damage

David B. Clark
Deborah A. Clark
Nov 13, 2021
Evaluation mehlich determination cation exchange capacity Kansas soils
Soil water
Environmental chemistry
Cation-exchange capacity

Evaluation of mehlich for determination of cation exchange capacity in Kansas soils

Dorivar A. Ruiz Diaz
Lynn M. Hargrave
Nov 13, 2021
Incidence influenza respiratory viruses pregnant women multicountry multiyear cohort
Influenza epidemics
Incidence (epidemiology)
Internal medicine

Incidence of influenza and other respiratory viruses among pregnant women a multicountry multiyear cohort

Eduardo Azziz-Baumgartner
Juan Miguel Pascale
Nov 12, 2021
Full Scope Practice Alabama Nurse Practitioners Act
Controlled substance
Quality (business)

Full Scope of Practice for Alabama Nurse Practitioners Act Now

Abstract Restrictive collaborative practice regulations for nurse practitioners have been the subject of discussion for more than 30 years. Although many states have enacted full practice authority for nurse practitioners, others retain dated laws with various levels of required physician involvement. Restricted controlled substance prescriptive authority is one aspect of restrictive collaborative practice. Alabama nurse practitioners are permitted to prescribe controlled substances II–V with varying levels of restriction depending on the compound. The removal of these restrictions would increase access to needed health care and lower the cost of care without sacrificing care quality.
Azita Amiri
Rebecca Ferguson
Feb 01, 2020
Learning Rounding Revisited
Random error
Deterministic encryption
Open problem
Reduction (complexity)

Learning with Rounding Revisited

The learning with rounding (LWR) problem, introduced by Banerjee, Peikert and Rosen at EUROCRYPT ’12, is a variant of learning with errors (LWE), where one replaces random errors with deterministic rounding. The LWR problem was shown to be as hard as LWE for a setting of parameters where the modulus and modulus-to-error ratio are super-polynomial. In this work we resolve the main open problem and give a new reduction that works for a larger range of parameters, allowing for a polynomial modulus and modulus-to-error ratio. In particular, a smaller modulus gives us greater efficiency, and a smaller modulus-to-error ratio gives us greater security, which now follows from the worst-case hardness of GapSVP with polynomial (rather than super-polynomial) approximation factors.
Stephan Krenn
Krzysztof Pietrzak
Aug 18, 2013